Its more than just a name…P3logo2

Our brand was designed to communicate more that just our name. P3 stands for the founding pillars our company was build upon, Performance, Pricing, and Punctuality. As with every great company, we strive to continue building our brand to encompass not only our character but our mission as well.

Started in 2009, as a small family business P3 quickly grew thanks to our key principles and strong work ethic. In 2012 Tony Vinson, one of the original founding partners, chose to step in as P3 Builds’ sole owner by leveraging over 27 years of experience and his commitment to fulfilling our Visions & Values.

Under Tony Vinson, (CEO) P3 has grown exponentially not only in project count but staffing as well.  We continue to add experienced talent, dedicated to exceeding not only our clients’ expectation but ours as well. We recognize that our clients have countless options when deciding on the right general contractor and we believe what sets us apart ultimately comes down to team we build. It comes down to quality people and that’s what makes us P3 Builds, A Better Construction Company.

What makes us unique…

Unlike most General Contractors P3 has built a team of dedicated Project Managers, rather than general dispatchers, who manage each project from start to finish. This ensures that there are no breakdowns in communication and you have a trusted adviser working with you every step of the way. We pride ourselves not only on the innovative technology we have built to efficiently service our clients, but the level of service we deliver no matter how big or small the project.

Each of our Project Managers is trained and well verse in the most commonly used work order systems such as Corrigo–Work Order Network. In combination with our proprietary software, JAG PM, we are able to offer our clients the highest customer service experience.  As evidence of such our scores within the Work Order Network are among the highest for each of our clients.